Newspapers providing titles and a poetry link

I have a pile of newspapers beside my bed, under a larger pile of wood working magazines. My life is a life of hobbies, really. I am just out of school, graduating with an MA, and I’m still looking for work in the gloriously prosperous state of Michigan. So I tend to have time to fill. The wood working magazines is a hobby passed down from the men in my family, oddly on opposite sides of my geneological tree. My grandfather from my mom’s side was a construction work. He built the majority of his own house and was a workshop tinkerer til the day he died. My dad took up wood working probably in his late thirties or early forties. I’m in my twenties and while always being curious am only now taking it up a bit.

So that’s why the wood working magazines are on top of the newspapers. The newspapers, all several months old by this point and likely needing to be recycled rather than collected, are there because I like to scour their pages with a notebook by my side and jot down combinations of newspaper titles, ads, obituaries and whatever else and forming them into titles for short stories or whatever. A good title is worth its weight in gold and I have a very wealthy little notebook by this point.

It goes into a question all writers get at some point, regardless of how successful or prolific you are. The moment people know you write they get curious. It is a weird occupation and an ever weirder hobby. It requires a lot of patience and time spent by yourself. And the fruits of it just seem to appear from nowhere.

So I have the newspapers there. They are my answer to the question: where do you get your ideas? I steal them. From the newspaper. Sometimes Jay Leno or podcasts I stumble across. I just take these things and put them into words and try to puit a little twist of my own to them. Nothing special.

Though the truth is the ideas come from everywhere. From reading a newspaper to going out to lunch with friends to just sitting on your deck and watching the day move slowly towards night. For all of us the task is different. We have our own ways of exploring a concept and forming an idea. Sometimes it helps to have a kickstart like a newspaper. But I really should get them off the floor.

Added the Poetry Resource Page to my links. Looking through the site, it’s not bad. Though I’m having trouble with some the links. I’m finding I need to edit them and go to the front pages of some of the sites they are linking to. Which is understandable-they tried to be as helpful with links that were as direct as possible. I think it can be somewhat useful, though. I’m still trying to go through it and explore it a bit. Hopefully I’ll be able to expand the links section quite a bit over the next few days with links to sites similar to The Poetry Resource Page and also to sites for various literary journals and what not.


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