say anything-writing is the most important part of being a writer

I got into an argument with a friend yesterday about writing. She says she doesn’t have time to do it, that it doesn’t bring in any money and that she feels guilty about doing it. All valid things but also things that writers pretty much just has to look past such things and write regardless. Maybe it’s just an overly romantic notion of mine that writing isn’t something done for money. Or to even be published. Or be read. It doesn’t matter if no one ever reads what you write. What matters is that you write it. If you want to try to get it published, great, go for it. There’s nothing wrong with that. Success is a good thing. People knowing your name is a good thing. People reading your stuff is a good thing. But it’s not needed. If you’re going to write, you’re going to write. It’s not going to matter what happens to the stuff fter it’s written because you’re going to write anyway.

But then we got to something that I think is the real fruit of the nut: she feels like she doesn’t have any natural gift for the work. And this is something that I have encountered a lot over the years. People like to believe that writers have some mystical power that enables them to string some words together. That if it’s not a gift from God, it’s a gift from genetics. The question of “where do you get your ideas?” is akin to asking a priest what the voice of God sounds like.   It doesn’t matter. We do our jobs regardless. You can do it, too. Writing isn’t about some natural talant so much as it is about hard work and grinding it out from day to day, putting one word after another and slowly moving forward.

And that’s the most important thing in saying you’re a writer and being a writer-writing. You have to put ones on the page. Regardless of what happens after that, this is the first, most important and most critical part. It’s really the only critical part.


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