Got the Sickness


Ihave started woodworking as a hobby. Something I’ve had interest in for quite awhile but never really got the ambition up for. And then my grandpa died this past April and I basically got a bunch of free tools. I also got a barely stripped beatup old dresser that my grandpa was working on. Feeling strangely determined to make headway on it I stayed out in the shop for four hours or so, may have been five, woth no heat, and worked on sanding the thing into shape and trying to figure out how I wanted to finish it.

And now I’m sick. Again.

I have trouble with bronchitis/sinusitis/colds/flu/etc. They just hang around and nag and, as I’ve gotten older, have been more willing to flare up into hellish mode. Which it has done twice now in the past month. This time it feels like it’s just sorta stuck in my throat. I have dry raspy coughs that turn into fits and then I feel like throwing up. But I’m feeling better. I know I’ll be making progress in the morning if I wake up and I’m not lightheaded and disoriented (I know I know, that’s pretty serious but I don’t have insurance so to hell with it).

And what this boils down to is that I’m not writing at all now. If I’m not outright sleeping most of the day I am in a stupor. And trying to go out and “do” something just fucking kills me. So no writing. And that’s what I wanted to blog about. I got to it eventually. Now back to coughing and sleeping


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