a too long hiatus to begin a new year

This is not going to have anything to do with writing or literature or Borders. I’ve been away for awhile and I haven’t been able to keep this thing as up to date as I would have liked. Over the holidays there were two deaths in the family, two people taken far far too young. One was my girlfriend’s cousin, a 32 yr old man killed pointlessly. The other was my 49 yr old uncle, a man I admired and felt immensely proud to call my relation. Between the two, things have been somewhat grim around here and I’ve neglected the majority of my online activities, including this one.

But in the spirit of my uncle, I am trying to tackle the new year with a renewed sense of vigor and purpose. For the first time in ages (okay, ever) I am trying to set a log up for what I need to accomplish every day and I am determined to, at the least, check everything off by the time my head hits the pillow, or to have things to do the next day. I plan to start filling my life up again as I think I have allowed it to become empty for far too long.

One of those things is this blog. I want something that can be a consistant touchstone for me in an artistic sense, something that makes me think about writing and literature and all of that good stuff that helps lend meaning and purpose to life. I hope to make this a regular thing where the posts may not always be the longest things in the world but will hopefully be consistantly humorous and a little bit thoughtful.

Maybe by the end of the year I will be able to look back and have a full day planner and a massive blog to measure the year with and to find some semblence of personal success and meaning.

Burying my uncle has been a painful ordeal for my family. He was one of those few people who was almost universally liked. He was always nice to people, he treated  people with respect and he was a tireless worker. He set an example I have not been able to live up to but I hope that will change. Now. He lived a full life and it’s time I do the same.


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