Happy Birthday James Joyce

I haven’t read Joyce in years. Maybe 15 years. And how I’m feeling now, near the end of my day carting around the two matriarchs of my family, is very similar to how I felt when I first attempted to delve into Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

When I tried this spectacularly ill prepared for feat, Joyce was just a name that I knew others held in esteem.  He was a literary great though I had no idea why or if this was even true.  I didn’t particularly care for it. And, over the course of time, he just sort of drifted out of my literary eye.

Until a grad class assigned Dubliners.

Unlike when I had attempted to tackle A Portrain of the Artist, I was now a bit more prepared for the task put before me. Unforunately, also unlike when I had first taken look at Joyce, I also had far more restraints on my time now. As anyone who has tried to juggle multiple courses, multiple writing assignments plus employment can tell you, a lot of what you are asked to do goes by in a blur. Some people talk about this as a memorable frenzied time that they miss while others talk about in loathing. For me, the classwork was just a blur and my negative attitudes towards the experience has less to do with the classwork as it has to do with everything else about the time.

But The Time isn’t the point of this blog. The point is that Joyce is a fine writer who has deserved more of my time than I have given him. And while this is the 127th birthday for Mr. Joyce, 2009 is also the 70th anniversary for the publishing of Finnegan’s Wake.  So in memory, and in tribute, of the grand old irishman who lived damn near everywhere but Ireland, pick up Finnegan’s Wake and give him the time he deserves.


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