a whole lot of words going on (uh-uh-huh)

In a fit of decisiveness or lunacy I decided to adopt page minimums for how much I read/write/edit every day. This decision took all of a minute and a half and most of that was in deciding whether or not the writing portion could be broken up over several projects or whether it must be one project.

Like most things jumped into with more ambition than forethought, I have quickly found that I may have overstepped my abilities a bit. The reading and editing parts are the easiest. I decided that I would read 100 pages every day. This may not sound like much but it forces me to sit down and just take time out from the day and focus on one thing. The focusing part is something I have had trouble with recently but this part has went well.

So has the editing which I set at 10 pages per day. I have never been an enthusiastic proofreader/editor/re-writer but I know it’s a process that has to be applied. And while I dread it and put it off I have found that when I sit down and start working on the stuff, the ten pages usually go by pretty quickly.

And then there is the writing portion.  Some foolish part of me thought that this would be the easiest part. I think I am a hideously slow reader, so I figured that might be difficult for me and my dislike for slogging through the grunt work is something I am very self aware of. But writing? That should be easy.

And now I’ve tried to actually do it. Sit down and churn out ten pages in single spaced, times new roman (it’s my personal formatting choice).  I’ve gotten about three pages cranked out today and it damn near killed me. what’s doubly discouraging is that I used to be able to sit down and turn out pages like I was a fax machine. Everything felt as if it used to come so easily that I never considered the possibility that one day it wouldn’t.

Though I must also admit that I write much better now than I did then. The story would come out but it lacked polish and style. But having found how so much easier it is to proof read, I wouldn’t mind going back to a time when I could then get to the proofreading quicker. Maybe it’s yet another sign of me getting older or maybe it’s just the natural progression of a writer. But it seems like we are never wise enough to know what we have and what to do with it until we have to make sense out of something else.


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