Reading Rainbow

 Flipping through channels today I came across a bit of my childhood. My first reaction was, “Look! It’s Geordi!” (from Star Trek:TNG for you non-geeks out there) but I quickly corrected myself with, “It’s Reading Rainbow!”

I have a feeling that a lot of people around my age who weren’t blessed with cable and who became avid book readers had some experience with this show. Levar Burton was like a non-creepy Mr. Rogers who daily introduced new books and told us stories.  Reading Rainbow was one of the early influences in my life that made reading fun and enjoyable, and which ultimately pushed me along the life path that I am on today.

This isn’t the most well thought out or best written  blog, and it’s not what I intended to write about today (that’ll get saved for tomorrow) but seeing Reading Rainbow this morning made me have to write about it now. If I hadn’t seen this show when I was a child, would I have still become the reader/writer that I am now? Possibly, but possibly not. There is no telling how influential a show like Reading Rainbow can be on the development of a child. Maybe instead of becoming a book geek, I would have taken up physics or astronomy. Or maybe I would have just decided on a life working retail (which still might happen, considering the economy and the incredibly poor employment opportunities in my neck of the woods).

Now I’m just waiting for a rerun of the old Muppets Show to come on next…


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