head met wall and all steam was lost

No update in awhile. Just family stuff cropped up again recently and it’s taking long and longer for me to recover and my writing in general has suffered. Editing has fell by the way side, new writing has ground to a halt and my blogging has become scarce.  I’m working on putting up some more links and what not but I’m woefully short on finding things to say about my own work beyond that I’m struggling again.

What makes it worse is that the struggling becomes self-perpetuating. The less I write the harder it is to get started again so I continue to not really sit down and write. Part of the reason for trying to sit down and work on this blog every day was to help nip that in the butt. Figuring that any writing would be good writing (well, good for me anyway), this was sort of my failsafe but I’ve even let this fall off at times.

But I’m trying to get back on the horse.


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