DF Wallace, new novel, a linky and a thought or two

This blurb about an unfinished novel by the late David Foster Wallace caught my attention today. “The Pale King” centers around the life at an IRS agency in Illinois and focuses on boredom in some way (such as it being its theme). 

Wallace was a guy who existed on he edge of my reading world for awhile (something that has become a running theme of posts I make as I start to read some of these “periphery” guys and realize they were pretty solid little writers that I should have read far sooner) and had make a point of actually reading when I heard of him having committed suicide. Of course, I discovered this like three months after he had passed. And am still just getting around to starting his short story collection, “Oblivion.”

Which has been alright so far. I’ve never been big on the stream of consciousness thing. It’s just not my thing. And with how meticulously Wallace constructs it, it’s even less my thing for long swatches of text (and I still have Broom of the System and Girl/Hair to read, heh…).  But for every four pages of text that feels like I’m throwing my head against an unmoving cinder block wall, he’ll pop up with a few pages of knee buckling beauty.  Where I read someone like Delillo and just not care for it, for me Wallace is a writer with the ability to transcend the page and strike out at a metaphysical self of the reader that few writers have the ability to do. Doesn’t mean I particularly enjoy reading him, so far, but in the little bit I have read he has had moments of startling perfection.

Anyway, where was I going with all of this? I’m not really sure. I really just wanted to hit on Wallace’s new unfinished novel, my unfinished reading of Wallace’s finished short story writing and how I sorta kinda not care for stream of consciousness writing which is odd because the vast majority of my blogs are exactly that. So it’s great when I write it but mediocre when others do it. Such is the curse of being a writer, eh?

Oh, and here is Newyorker’s awesome biographical piece on Wallace. Even if you have never read a word by the man, his life story is interesting and touching. Really just an insanely smart guy who was a bit messed up and could never find a way to really manage it or be helped with managing it. Hope he’s in a better place.

I forgot about this as my G/F texted me and I had to listen to a long boring rant. So I didn’t get this posted on monday so this appears to be my Tuesday blog. Maybe I’ll try to double up later. A lesson to the fellas – stay invisible until your work is done.


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