Something to remember it by

In Borders today, looking at books (obviously), and something happened that made me think of blogging it. I found a book whose title was interesting. I plucked it out from the bookshelf and turned it over in my hands. All over the place were little blurbs about the top10 lists it had been on for the past year. It was a massive list. The back cover was filled with them. The front cover was filled with them. The first few pages were filled with them. Then the story started.

I didn’t buy the thing. And now when I’m trying to find it online to point it out, I can’t even pick its title out from the others on the various Top Ten lists I’ve looked at. While it had been hammering away at the idea that this was a very important book from the past year, it gave me absolutely no real reason to buy it or to remember it. I no longer remember the title. Because every square inch of available space was used to mention some top10 list from somewhere that this book was mentioned in, it had no room to give any sort of hint what it was actually about.

I don’t buy books that I don’t know anything about. I don’t sit down and start reading them in the store either. The spine and title were nice. They grabbed me. Every other aspect of the cover design sucked. And it probably cost them a sale.

So if anyone reading this is in a position to decide what goes on the back cover of their books, heed my advice: put a short synopsis somewhere. Able to quickly find an idea of what your book is about is more important than that extra blurb or two from some top10 list from Albequerque.


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