tuesday mornings coming down

Cleveland has become the running focus of this blog.  It’s horrible how this thing has infiltrated my life and worked to make the whole damn thing miserable.  I wake up and it’s sitting there on the edge of the bed, waiting, and I can feel its damn weight on my sleep.

So I get up in the same mess that I went to bed in. I still feel miserable. I try to shake this. Get something to eat, do something, etc. but I end up doing nothing but mope around all morning.

I feel like shit.

So I go to adrian to take back some movies I rented. Gas is now around $2.50 a gallon, surprise surprise, can’t keep exxon down. Give me an electric car.

So I go to adrian and all during the drive I can’t help but feel my life has been a failure and waste. I realize Ibought into the high school crap of having to go to college and looking down at the votech stuff. If I had really been as smart as they claimed I was I would have ditched the advanced english courses and taken the vocational stuff.

I would have acquired a useful, practical knowledge of something that would work for me to make sure I didn’t live on the street.

I would have gained a knowledge and ability that would make me a useful member of society.

Maybe I’m just overly tired but  I haven’t found much actual worth or use for an english degree of any size, shape or form outside of a classroom in my neck of the woods – and I’m not real keen on venturing to some other part of the forest.


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