My last post for awhile about Cleveland and crap

I’m reading more lately, I’m trying to write more, just trying to engage myself more.  It’s been a long year or so for me and I think I’m only just starting to come out of it a bit. My grandfather died last April, after an accident around the time of my birthday, and my uncle died this past christmas eve. So celebrating these things have just been sorta blah.

But I think I have been grieving since last April.  Trying to silently sort things out.

So this Cleveland thing is coming up at either a good time or a horrible time. It’s going to provide change and the energies of that change is yet to be determined. It wil either be a new opportunity where new avenues are opened or it will create a shaky foundation that I won’t be able to stand on.

Alright, I’m tired of talking about Cleveland.

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