It’s an endurance test

I had something partially finished about the exclamation point. About it’s use, how I use it, how others use it, how it affects dialog, etc. etc. etc. And it all felt dry and academic.

It made me think of something I read on Roger Ebert’s brilliant blog about film criticism. He said something along the lines of that criticism should be talked of in such a way for anyone to make sense of it and that’s why 90% of film studies is complete bullshit.  This is something that I think it applicable to all criticism of any sort. And this was something that I started to worry about the exclamation point essay.

Not that it was difficult to read or grasp but the point of it seemed a bit difficult and lacking meaning. Why the hell would anyone want to read about the exclamation point anyway? And all of this really means that the exclamation point essay is something I’ll come back to in the next couple of days and eventually churn it out.

Instead, I think endurance is something that isn’t talked often enough in regards to writing. I have read that Kerouac took up training before sitting down to write a book, treating it like preparing for a season of football. King has said you have to treat it like work, just show up and do it every day. Bukowski churned out reams of stuff that was never published and never found.  In the Reservoir Dogs special features, Mr. Blue and mystery writer, Eddie Bunker said perseverence trumps everything, which seems like an offshoot of endurance.

You have to endure the hours typing. You have to endure the time, money and effort of sending stuff out. You have to endure the rejections. Then you have to endure the acceptance.

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