Baby Steps. Baby Steps. Baby Steps.

Lately I’ve been working on re-reading and editing my novel. This is before I start re-writing it.  the re-write process is something I’ve never been overly familiar with. My main process for writing has always been to sit down, open the wordprocesser adn start writing and whatever comes out, comes out, to hell with whether or not it makes any sort of sense.

As I’ve gotten older, though, I’ve been hit by a need to perfect what I’m doing and have recognized the need for re-writnig and the effort that really needs to go into it. What also goes into it, for me, is a lot of note taking. I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping note books for my novels. In them I keep track of things like character names, character traits, plot points, thoughts/ideas on the story, themes/motifs explored in the stories, etc. Tonight, while writing this blog, my printer is busily at work spewing out its own work to be taped into one of these notebooks. It’s just a way I have found to lend organization to my work while keeping a certain chaos to it.

While going back over my novel, I have found myself working over it chapter by chapter. I read a chapter, make notes in the text and along the margins, and then I take a 3×5 notecard, title it with the chapter I’ve read, and jot some more thoughts onto it before paperclipping it to the chapter and then moving on to the next chapter.  I’m not exactly sure how this will work with my re-writing, but I’m expecting it to work well, and I’m expecting it to work in conjunctin with the notebook I’ve got going. Between the two, the multiple paperclipped chapters and the book of rambling thoughts and notes, I’m thinking I should be able to tear the original work down a bit more constructively that I would have otherwise.

Now am I advocating this specific practice for everyone? of course not. It has got to be specific for each individual. But finding an effective method for approaching re-writing your material is a necessity.

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