Mac’s Backs Paperbacks – Store Review

I’ve finally had the opportunity to get out and look at one of the used book stores in cleveland. It’s a little place called Mac’s. The lady working there was nice and helpful. Oddly enough, for a small bookstore, I get the impression that she may not have been either an owner or a long time employee. This isn’t a bad thing, just sort of odd in face of my prior experiences with little used bookstores.

On the plus side is a very solid selection for such a small store. It’s not even close to being the largest used bookstore I’ve been in but they do a good job of hitting pretty much every major author you could want, especially newer authors. They also have a commendable selection of children’s books, something more appreciated by me since I’ve started going around with a 5 yr old in tow.

The selection also leads to a bit of a negative – the pricing. The reason they have so many newer authors is that they have, well, new books mixed in with the old books. This is annoying in that you walk down an aisle and you see something and think you have a nice little find, only to pull it out and see the thing is fullpriced. For some paying fullprice for a book is no big deal. For me, considering I’m looking through a usedbookstore and won’t shop from borders unless I have a nice sized coupon, it’s a bit of a roadblock. But it’s not a huge deal.

what’s a bigger pain in the butt is that they have three or four different pricing methods. I’ve seen pretty much every pricing method. from prices written in the corner of the first page, to little stickers to big stickers to just prices posted on a wall.  For some reason this little store tried an “all of the above” approach.  So be prepared to look for prices.

All in all, not a bad shop. If you’re in cleveland, check it out.

Mac’s Backs Paperbacks


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