Nazi Literature in the Americas – Review

Bolano’s “Nazi Literature in the Americas” is a collection of fictional “entries” cataloguing writers from the Americas (North, Central, South) who were Nazi leaning in their political views.

 Among the thirty entries we are given biographies of killers, racists, rapists, plagerizers and social misfits of every size, shape and degree. And throughout the story you begin to feel for them. You may not like them but, damn you, you enjoy reading about them and, most of them, you hope don’t die too horribly.  It’s a funny book. A touching book. And, with how grounded in, if not reality, a probable reality it is a horrorifying book.

What it isn’t is a common novel. Is there a typical story woven into the passages? Not particularly, though the lives of many of the faux literati intersect from time to time. Instead, it is literature. It is the forging of the real from the unreal to hold a mirror, however distorted, up to Life itself and yell, “see!?”

I don’t believe there is much more to say of Nazi Literature in the Americas outside of reading it. You can then decide for yourself what is reflected in the mirror. It’s Bolano being Bolano, one of the most gifted writers of the past fifty years.

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