Warning:politics ahead

I’m beginning to feel bad for Obama.  From reading the news stories, he seems more and more like the right person at the right time with entirely the wrong party behind him. It’s like he’s Dorothy trying to get through Oz and return to home but instead of just having three lousy travelling companions who lack heart, brains and courage, everyone he runs into is a total gutless idiot.  This is a party that controls the house, the senate and the presidency and still can’t find a way to pass the single largest item on their agenda. 

The Democratic Party deserves to fail after this. For right or wrong, agree or disagree with them, when the GOP was in power, they at least made sure to pass the majority of what they wanted passed. They stood as a united front and they Got Things Done. The democrats, though, have tried catering to everyone, have broken off into ridiculous factions and are looking more incompetant by the day.

And in the public sphere, who do I see being the biggest pain in the Democrats’ ass? Yes, Rush, of course. But, more than that, a litany of old codgers who gimp into town halls and try to base their misguided thoughts on less than truthful recollections of the past and an inability to put said past with today’s present.  the babyboomers are going to screw us for a long time as there are just too many of them and medical science is keeping them alive too long.

If Obama had beena  Republican and the GOP had controlled the senate and house, a health care bill would have been passed a couple of months ago.


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