It’s Noon

I always have a hard time getting back into the rhythm of writing after having been away from it for a bit. Part of it is clearly my own fault but part of it is that I still live in two places and I keep having these two or three day stretches where I am away from the computer, away from working on what I have been working on and I get entirely out of my routine.

As I’ve gotten older I have found routine to be an important part of my being productive. Going to bed around the same time, getting up around the same time, eating around the same time, doing the same chores each day at the same time, etc. etc. etc. It’s a way of building a schedule and being sure that all of the needs of the day are met.

Writing is one of those needs and it seems to require a certain peace of mind regarding the other aspects of life. It’s like the conversations I have with the five year old about eating and finding balance in your diet and that being the importance of fruits and vegetables (two things he has a blankly irrational dislike of). If you want to be healthy you have to have balance. When you don’t have balance things get skewed and your body moves too far one way or the other.

Writing is the same in regards to how it fits in my life. I need balance between writing and some sort of more tangible productivity. A few hundred words are written, the dishes get done, a chapter is finished, trash is hauled out, etc. etc. I’m not sure yet why this balance is necessary but it is. I am just more productive when it occurs and productivity has become the end game of writing lately. It’s the realization that I’m not competing with anyone other than myself and my “success” is, currently, something that can only be measured inwardly. Perhaps this will change if I become successful at my ambitions. And my routine will almost certainly have to shift. But for now my goal is to simply find my routine, find my balance, and be productive.


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