Did you feel that?

well, got back from another weekend in Michigan today and I’m still in pain from it. First, there is the whole “g/f’s family has a get together we just have to go” thing on saturday and then there is the whole “root canal at 930am Monday” thing. I’m not sure which became more painful as at least I was numbed for the root canal.

the guy was surprisingly good, though. There were a few moments where he looked at me and asked if I “felt that” and, occasionally, I did but it was never really beyond anything that I would consider normal for such a procedure. Everything from the drilling to the filing to the melting of those slivers of rubber to seal off the canals went smoothly. And then he told me to take some ibuprofen and aspirin for the pain, offered to write a prescription for some stronger stuff if I wanted (I didn’t) and told me to finish off the antibiotics.

Which is where I’ve gotten into some trouble. Since swallowing one of the horse pills yesterday I’ve had this strange pain when I swallow. Okay, it’s not so much strange as intense. It hurts. and it hurts every time I swallow. If it’s food, it hurts. If its water, it hurts. If I just need to swallow some extra spit in my mouth, it hurts.

Now I’ve had this problem before – I dry swallow pills often when I’m sick as water isn’t always handy. It’s stupid, I know, and leads to discomfort like what I’ve got now, but I do it.

Today is day two and I’m still in some pain and still kinda tired. My rhythm has been thrown all to hell with the long weekend and I just can’t get back into it despite having quite a bit of extra time tonight to sit down and work.




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