No Nook -E(reader) for you!

Apparently Barnes and Noble’s e-reader is pretty popular. So popular that no more will be available for Christmas. To tie this in to my post about Dave Eggers’ comments about this being a golden time for literature because of the sheer number of publishing opportunities, the popularity of e-readers has to be a positive sign for the industry and for the profession of not just publishing but for writing. Devices centered around reading are selling like crazy. 

I’m still curious to see how this will potentially shape literature. The idea that books will be sold online is a nobrainer but I’m curious to see if we’ll ever see a real hybrid where the book has some sort of interactivity with the web, incorporate some programming language, etc. Take a book like Danielewski’s House of Leaves, for example. It works on the page but imagine if all of the formatting work was done so that the text would/could be manipulated by the user, would move, would jump to images/web pages packaged with the text, etc.


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