Where Are The Reviews?

for awhile small book reviews were the bread and butter of this blog. I’ve read a lot in my life, I still read a lot (see: unemployed), and I’ve found that I remember the books better if I just sit down and write a little review about them that I also hope other people find mildly helpful in deciding if they want to give the book a shot, too.

So where have they went?

Honestly, I just haven’t had time to write them up. For being what they are, they are still time consuming little buggers. From finding/inserting the links/pics to the simple act of writing the things, they take up a bit of time. And it’s time I haven’t had. Every other weekend (sometimes it feels like quite a bit more than that) I’m heading to Michigan. There’s the g/f. There’s the kid. There’s the job hunt (soon to become MFA program application fill-out time). There’s the day to day running of the apartment that has fallen to me by default of me being the unemployed one. Plus there is the writing of my own that I constantly put off and constantly berate myself for not getting done.

Also, the technology/publishing stuff I’ve been posting lately is stuff I find really interesting. Launching an on-line lit mag is something that I’ve kicked around for literally five years now and will likely never get around to actually doing. Meanwhile, I’ve also nurtured a hankering for tablet PCs and wouldn’t mind the ability to simply download a new novel once in awhile. And I’m interested in what can be done with the novel and programming language, despite not having a bloody clue about programming language myself. It’s a charge I find myself interested in leading but find myself woefully without a horse to charge with.

But I do hope to start getting some more reviews up again. In the meantime, I’ll try to keep posting what I post.

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