changing computers

On top of the whole Holidays are Hell thing, I’ve been working on getting my uncle’s computer up and running. He passed away a little over a year ago now and his computer was one of the things I inherited.

Unfortunately, it had been a pain in the butt to get working. It had Vista on it and could never seem to work properly. It would randomly freeze, it wouldn’t create or delete folders properly, etc.

so, tired of having the computer sit around unusable, I finally decided to load Ubuntu onto it. And I’m slowly getting the thing to work like a charm.

so I’m thinking of switching. Taking my old computer back to my mom’s, where I can use it every other weekend when I’m home and keeping my uncle’s newer, better, faster computer in cleveland with me.

The problem I’m now being confronted with, though, is trying to keep my bookmarks (of which I have many), transferring all of the files I want to keep from one computer to the other (which I’m considering just moving the one hard drive over as a slave for) and getting used to a whole new way of doing things.

so the writing continues to take a big fat backseat.


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