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You Can’t Always Get What You Want (but this might be what you need)

April 8, 2010

A former Rolling Stones roadie has become the first to simultaneously release a book and iphone app for said book. With talk of where publishing is going, have to think that this has to be a sign of what we can expect for at least the near future as paper books still hold the center stage but digital media garners more followers.

What I’m st ill not sold on is this idea of applications vs a specific document format.  Granted, this is iphone specific but this is something that I’ve seen crop up in conversations regarding ebooks/eliterature and how it will eventually be created/packaged/distributed/sold/experienced. The iphone has caught a wave with this app business, though people creating free (or not so free) apps for download on the web has been around for as long as I can remember.

Personally, I don’t think having everything sold as a separate application will prove viable in the long term, especially as other computer makers get in on it and the demand for widespread use becomes greater. Instead of having a relatively small group vying for the dollars of a similarly small group, eventually we will see a larger buying public demanding greater competition, lower prices and more ease of use.

I have to believe that we will end up where we have essentially went with music. A dominant file type that can be accessed and played by a variety of different competing apps that can be installed on a variety of computers. The idea of being restricted  to particular authors because you own a Samsung rather than an Apple will not be appealing to users while having to create not just one document file but numerous app files will prove less than popular for publishers.


Amazon Upping EBook Prices and Babs in New York

April 1, 2010

Quick blog, noticed a couple of news stories about Amazon upping prices on their ebooks. It’s clearly in response to people going (undeservedly) gaga over the ipad and the various deals publishers have been cutting with Apple. I’m still not a fan over the overly expensive dedicated ereaders but I’m also not a fan of the very underwhelming ipad. Also, the ebook thing is still pretty boring. Just the equivilant of .doc files that have been around forever. Until we start seeing more texts taking advantage of the opportunities the format can really give you (think the equivalent of footnotes or author commentary taken to bizarre extremes with embedded links, pics, etc. Still, for everyone who is into the ebook thing right now, strike while you can because the prices are going up. Thanks to Apple and their mediocre attempt at a tablet.

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I’ve never been a big Barbara STreisand fan but I’ve also never had anything against her. What I don’t understand, though, is why she’s headlining  reception at this year’s book expo america.  Never really followed the Book Expo America before but it just seems like maybe they could have picked someone more literary.