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Is it morning yet?

November 1, 2010

Not lit related but I had to share this somewhere. Every night, I get my son up so that he can go to the restroom and stand a (slightly) better shot at making it through the night. Tonight is like any other night. I get him up, he wanders into the bathroom, I sort his bed out a bit and wander back out to the computer. A few minutes go by. I hear a thud that might be a flush so I get up and start walking so that I can lift him up and into his loft bed.

Except he’s not in the bathroom. The light is on. The toilet seat is down (that was the thud, apparently, and I had missed the flush altogether). And his pajamas are strung out along the floor.

I walk down the hall a bit, wondering what’s going on, thinking that maybe he’s hiding so that he can jump out and “scare” me, which is when I walk past his room. His light, which I am sure I turned off when I left earlier, is now on. He’s fishing some clothes out of the dresser. I’m thinking he was a bit wet and I’m getting ready to go down to the hall closet and grab out another overnighter (it’s what we call’em) but first I ask him what’s going on. He tells me he’s getting dressed. I ask him where his PJs are. They’re in the bathroom. Okay, why aren’t you wearing them? He looks at me. I look at him. It’s not morning I say.

Then it clicks home. He chucks the shorts back into the dresser and walks to the bathroom. He starts to apologize for something, I don’t know what, and I quickly tell him it’s fine, and I shut the bathroom door while he changes. I stand down the hall and wait. He comes out and I lift him into his bed. So this was my midnight thing? he asks. I smile, try not to laugh. I nod. He goes to bed and I come back to the computer. I wonder how he could possibly think it’s morning when it’s the middle of the night. But he’s a kid. It’s probably easier for him than I can imagine. It’s just one of those times, one  of  the strange moments of raising a child.