The Strain by del Toro and Hogan – Review

I’m not a fan of Twilight. I could never get into Ann Rice. The whole Dracula/vampire thing, as a whole, has always been something that just didn’t really grab me. I’m alright with the Buffy TV series (though I liked the movie more, and am not thrilled with the idea of a re-make of it) and thought From Dusk til Dawn was good stupid fun. Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan have created a vampire book that I can dig, though.

There is nothing cuddly or romantic about these vampires. There is also nothing admirable about them in The Strain they are directly and indirectly compared to a virus, to a plague, and it is a metaphor the authors do well in honing and expounding upon. There’s really nothing beyond their actions beyond replication and dominance, at least not until the end when a larger picture and direction are hinted at.

For anyone else who has simply had their fill of watered down vampire stories, The Strain is a refreshing change of pace. It keeps you turning pages and breaths a bit of life into an idea that has taken a bit of a beating lately. These vampires are actually scary and the book is well-written.


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