The Drama of the Every Day

My girlfriend has often lamented how much of modern “serious” fiction” leans on the crutch of drugs to create tension and to build a “real” character. To paraphrase our many hit and run conversations on it, it seems as if everyone everywhere is inserting as many substances as humanly possible into their bodies and acting like the world’s biggest assholes because of it and, often, the change the character goes through is becoming slightly less of an asshole at the end of the work as they wean themselves off whatever drugs they were on.

What I think the real problem is, is that this is lacking in reality. Are there people with drug problems? Sure. But not everyone, while everyone does have a bit of drama in their lives from the simple act of their living. But this is rarely touched on. It seems as if the common dramas of our every day life just aren’t important enough for people to write about today.

This is getting brought up because of something our kid did this morning while we were walking out to the car. He didn’t do anything wrong, he didn’t misbehave. In fact, he did something I guarantee all of us would do. He saw money on the ground. He picked it up. And then those three fateful words:

“It’s a fifty!”

Now, the immediate reaction is, “great!” My immediate reaction was, “oh crap, what now?” And this is why:

Fifty bucks is a lot of money to most people. It’s certainly a lot of money to us, where it would help buy groceries for two weeks (or buy one helluva lego set if the kid takes it to ToysRUs). I feel bad for whoever lost it. I want to find who it is and give it back. But this simply isn’t going to happen. It’s not going to get claimed anywhere, and wherever we turn it in at is more likely to just keep it than not.

So the kid found fifty bucks outside, but I feel horrible for just keeping it but we’ll probably end up doing just that. Meanwhile, whoever lost that fifty bucks might now be fifty bucks short on rent or unable to buy groceries this week.

The drama of every day life.


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