Whose party you runnin’ anyway?

Okay, so instead of continuing to try to pound out a review for Going After Cacciato, I’m going to go off on a mild tangent about our (the U.S) next budget. We have a Democrat president submitting a budget that slashes spending on damn near every cultural program he could find. After giving $60 billion back to the wealthy, we’re slashing programs for funding the arts. Yeah, this makes so much sense. How about we buy one less fighter jet? Or maybe fight one less war? It is a sign of how far to the right this country has swung. In today’s environment, Reagan and Eisenhower would be centrist liberals and Sarah Palin would be posting websites with cross hairs on them. And thirty years ago, Obama would have been a republican.  Even his vilified health care overhaul is just a re-named versoin of the plan the GOP have been pushing since Nixon as their alternative to the Democrats’ desires for a national health care system.

Alright, done ranting. Just tired of seeing our government, our public, turn their backs on the arts; especially when they flock so pathetically towards crap like American Idol.


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