Sudden Fiction Latino – a brief review

All right, I haven’t finished this yet, but it’s due back to the library on Tuesday and  I can’t renew it. So I’m putting up what I have. I’ve been getting more interested in Latin literature for a little while. Admittedly, it’s on the back of Roberto Bolano but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Unfortunately, outside of names like Bolano and Marquez (and, recenly, Llosa), the pickings are somewhat slim unless you have some idea of what you’re looking for – which I soooo didn’t.

So finding this book on the “new” shelf at the library was a bit of a godsend. Not only does it give a big, gob smacking number of names to look for and explore, but it gives them in such a way that they are presented in easy-to-digest tidbits.

Luis Alberto Urrea has a fantastic short at the beginning, “white girl,” Borges and Bolano make visits from beyond the grave, and Allande and Gabriel Garcia Marquez make noteworthy contributions. There’s also a litle gem from Mario Benedetti, who I just bought a collection of while at AWP.

Being Latino and not South and Central American Latino, you also find a smattering of fine Latino writers from the States. The previous mentioned Urrea, Daniel Alarcon and Junot Diaz help make sure the north of the border is very well represented.

With this being a collection of short shorts, I wasn’t sure if there was much I could or should say about the individual stories. It’s a fine collection, a good way to burrow into a foreign land of literature and find some names to go looking for. And even if you’re just looking for a good read, I think it’s hard to go wrong with this.


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