One foot in front of the other, one page at a time

I haven’t posted in awhile, partially from sheer inertia that I’m having a difficult time overcoming lately, but also because I have just become so horribly bogged down in reading a book that I don’t have a whole to post. I don’t usually run into this problem. I usually just plug through a book, if not with ease, then with considered aplomb.

Sometimes I run into a book like Eclipse by John Banville. It’s not long (around 200 pages) but there is something about that I just can’t access. My reading slows to a crawl. Every page becomes a labor. It’s painful. It’s slow. Even if the book is good (which I think Eclipse is), it becomes something I nearly dread as I sip it down in four or five page increments before going back to something I enjoy more.

Maybe it’s just a reflection of my general mood but I find that as I get bogged down in a book, I get bogged down in most other things, too. It seems to become a bit harder to maintain concentration on anything I’m trying to do, from grading papers to re-writing a short story. I’m always getting up to wander around the apartment, to look through cupboards, to look out of the windows.  I find ways to stall everything.

So either I need to be in a better mood or I need to find a book that doesn’t totally screw it up.


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