Been Busy

I haven’t updated this in forever, and I’ve been feeling bad about it. Life has just been awfully full lately. I’ve been trying to get caught up with it, but it keeps pulling away. My new semester started a couple of weeks ago (in week three already!), and it included getting used to an entirely new setup with the classes, and getting all of the students in line with the new setup, and it’s been stressful and hectic and I’ve wanted to seriously hurt people at times, but it’s also been kinda good. Also, the kid’s been having problems at school, and that’s been eating up time. And, apparently, I’m going to be getting married at some point this year. The woman has been bugging me for awhile about it, and I’ve always told her that if she wants to get married she just has to buy a watch and propose. That sounds like an ass thing to say, but I’m also, essentially, a stay at home dad, and I get crap for not wearing the pants in the family, but that’s because I chafe. But  I figure if I’m going to get crap for not being the breadwinner and that I’m playing the wife’s role, then I should get proposed to. Finally, I told her that if she just plans the thing, I’d probably show up for it. It appears she’s actually going to run with it this time.

Also, I’ve applied to grad school to pursue my MFA. Getting everything sorted out and done and turned in stressed the hell out of me. But it’s done. Stressed the hell out of the woman, too, because I nagged her to read everything and correct all of the comma errors and to make everything sound less like crap. She did awesome work, made me look decent.

AND we had been looking for a place to rent, but we’ve sorta given up the ghost on finding a decent place to rent at a decent price and have decided to start looking at houses to just buy and settle down. And, of course, I don’t look at anything practical. I’m in love with the idea of space, especially after having none of it for the past three years. And after finding a couple of places by the lake, I kinda fell in love with the idea of being on the lake. And just now I found a truly crazy ass thing to get. It’s not near the lake, which has become a strangely big problem with it, but it sorta makes up for it with the sheer bitch ass craziness of the idea of it being our house.

My grandmother passed away a few weeks back. It wasn’t exactly unexpected, and she was miserable as and where she was, but it’s starting to hit me a bit more lately – especially as talk of getting married and buying a house has picked up. I’m 31 now. Most people my age have gotten a bit further down the road in getting a family going and settled into their lives. Now, most of the people on my mom’s side of the family have died and never had great grandkids around or nieces or nephews or anything. They didn’t even have the step kid around much. That sounds bad, referring to the kid like that, but it’s not the same. Not for them.

The Woman has decided that it’s not only  a good time to look at moving, but for getting married. We have a date, apparently, now we just need everything else.

The comp courses have been alright, for a change. Still trying to get all of the ducks in a row with the getting the tech and the materials. It’s surprised me how smoothly it’s actually went.  Also, it appears I have more freedom to edit the look of the course and to add materials. With everything else going on, I haven’t had much of an opportunity to look around and find extra materials, but I think the new course setup is much more open to this than the old class setup.

With any luck, I can begin settling back into a schedule and get caught up on some work, like updating this place.


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