Just not into this right now

Ever since the kid has gotten out of school, my routine has been a bit messed up – not that my routine was all that hot to begin with. So this has slipped. I have five or six books piled up on my computer right now, waiting for something to be written about them. I have a handful of links to stories that I wanted to talk about saved away in my bookmarks. I have stuff to throw up here for conversation. But I’m just not doing it.

And now the kid is off to his “dad’s.” So I should have some free time. Except I’m not sleeping worth a lick because the weather has turned awful. I can’t sleep at all when it gets too hot and the meager air conditioner we have fights like all hell to keep the dining room marginally comfortable. Whenever I get too comfortable at my computer, I start drifting off and end up pseudo-sleeping once in awhile.and the wife and I are looking for a house. Last saturday we saw 12 of them. It destroyed me. Felt like crap all evening and the next day. This Saturday, we’re heading out again. It’s funny but all of the houses need work, few have much land, and all of them (imo) are overpriced. I can’t believe the condition of some of the homes we’ve looked at and how people just let them go to rot.

Okay, I think that’s it for the complaining for now. With the kid at away for a week and a half, I’m hoping to get into a bit of a routine that I’ll also be able to keep up once the kid gets back. I hope this blog can be updated more often, and that I can return to being moderately productive. Unless we buy a house, of course. Then I’ll be busy packing, dealing with loans, papers, unpacknig and lord knows what else. Yay. But that’s where I’ve been lately.

Oh, and work just started up again. Teaching just one class this semester.  Looking forward to a paycheck again.

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