Book Links 8-10-12

It’s funny how my collection of book links fluctuates from day to day. Looking at my list of recent posts, it’s clear that I don’t get a lot of interesting links every day, but then a bunch just suddenly show up. anyway, here’s the links.

Lauren Passell has 8 ways reading makes you a better dater. I have to agree, reading is a healthier hobby than blow. A helluva lot cheaper, too.

PW has a couple of articles today that I liked. Chelsea Cain offers five tips for writers, while Vincent Lam offers some advice on how to write about your family.   My best advice for writing about your family is to just not tell them about it and hope they never find out.

Writer’s Digest has the 21 Key Traits of Best-Selling Fiction! Applied carefully, I can see how at least some of the traits can be helpful. However, part of me reads that list and can’t help but think it’s the checklist carried into the filming of every Transformers movie, and I would like to think we all aim a little higher than Transformers. unless we’re talking about the cartoon from the 1980s. That rocked.

Finally, The Millions has some professor type people throwing down on what they think is the best novel by Charles Dickens. this made me feel soooo litararily ignorant. Reading Bleak House just got scribbled into my day planner next to getting new car insurance and cooking supper. It’ll fit in that forty-five minute spot, right? Right?

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