Book Links 8-30-2012

It returns!  The list makes it back today, as I’ve finally accumulated enough links that I found interesting to make it worth posting. It’s been pretty slim pickings for awhile, though.

Pop Crunch has a list of the best dystopian novels of all time. I’m not usually a huge fan of lists, but they have some interesting choices in there among the usual choices. Worth a look.

Apparently the whole good critics are lovely things bit is still raging. Over at The New Yorker Daniel Mendelsohn has thrown his hat into the ring with a critic’s manifesto. His passion and sheer damn giving are inspiring. At the same time, I wonder if the book critic thing has been sort of passed its prime for quite awhile now.  I know it’s what I spend the majority of my posts doing here, but I never actually consider that people read them. I just know that I’m not sure I have ever read a book because of a review. Ever. So I don’t entirely expect other people to. So all of the hubbub over it rings a bit pointless to me.  I do it because I enjoy it. And if someone else finds it helpful, awesome. With all of the competing noise, I find it a minor miracle that any voice pops through the static.

Dornob is a design site, its a bit of a side interest for me, and they have some thoroughly awesome ideas for a bookshelf. If you’re a DIYer, they don’t look like the most difficult things in the world, but they do look like the perfect built in for a literature lover.
PBS Arts has a short video essay about William Gibson. I just really like William Gibson, so I’m taking a chance to pimp him in some way.

And, finally, Open Culture is adding a new creative writing course…including advice from Toni Morrison, Nora Ephron and others.

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