Book Links 9-5-2012

Flavorwire has a list of the 12 most beautiful online literary magazine covers. Their first choice, Paper Darts, would probably be pretty high on my list, too.

Laura Miller has  a good article up at Salon about the length of novels centered around a recent example of a new writer letting his editor cut half his book. The writer is David Abrams and here’s his equally excellent blog post that inspired Miller’s article.

And Shortlist has a lengthy list of the 50 coolest book covers. I love actual things and their thinginess, including cover design for books, insert design for CDs, those awesome little booklets that come with Criterion Collection movies, etc. So I love this list. Looking through it, I think my favorites are the Fahrenheit-451 and A Clockwoork Orange covers. Not on the list, I think The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles has an awesome hardcover illustration on the dustjacket.

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