Book Links 10/14/12

The NY Times has a piece about Christopher Kimball up right now. Maybe not entirely lit related, but he’s taken a singular path in publishing Cook’s Illustrated and building into a damn good show, some web sites, etc. I love America’s Test Kitchen, I like watching Kimball and his singular, nearly acidic sense of humor. I also like that he went out on a limb with Cook’s Illustrated and its spartan look and focus on food rather than on a bunch of shiny crap.  I wonder how it is transitioning to the digital age, if they will (or have) kept the design or if they’ve felt a necessity to make some concessions to the medium.
And this has been kicking around my bookmarks for awhile, and I never quite find a place to chuck it in. 26 Beatnik slang words and phrases.


Yeah, not much here, but not much coming across my wires that really grabs me lately. Congrats to Mo Yan.

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