Book links 10-22-12

I know I hammer on Amazon a bit, but they’ve really gone out of their way to meet me in the middle today. First, a Kindle user claims that Amazon hijacked his reader and then deleted all of his ebooks. This, of course, flies in the face of an earlier court case and numerous promises by Amazon from a few years back. Making this case a bit worse is the labyrinthine correspondence record between Amazon and the accuser that seems to end rather bluntly with an email that can be cleanly summarized as, “screw you, all your eliteratures belongs to us!”  Maybe I’m just an old fogey, but I don’t believe any company should retain that type of control over a device you have paid for and own. It’s not like you’re renting your ereader. It is your device, it is your ereader. It’s just too much control to give away for a product you have bought. It makes me unhappy.


The next article is that Amazon is playing tax games in Europe. Essentially, they seem to be paying a 3% vat tax in Luxembourg, while collecting a 20% vat tax charge from British publishers. Yeah, can probably find examples of similar work by other countries as they seek to pay as little tax as possible,  but this still has a nasty stench to it.


This is pretty straight forward.  A saved video chat from earlier today involving Mark Z. Danielewski. I’ve listened to about half of it. Nothing earth shattering but not a bad listen.

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