Book Links 1-30-13

This week’s Comics World podcast is just wonderful to listen to.  I wanted to sit here and say this or that particular part was my favorite, but the whole thing is my favorite. I’m a recent convert to this podcast, so I might be a bit behind the times here, but check it out.

The Millions has an article on Ayana Mathis’ novel Twelve Tribes of Hattie and the Oprah Winfrey Book Club. Okay, it’s mostly about Oprah’s book club, but it’s still a good read. I never followed Oprah, or her book club, but I never understood the flak this whole enterprise took. Here was a megawatt celebrity with a ton of sway across America saying, “Hey, go pick up this book and read it!” and people actually did it,  yet “serious” people still want to complain about it? Are you nuts? I’m going to leave the whole gender angle alone, Millions wades into it very well. I think it’s just painfully stupid for anyone involved in writing or publishing, whether they’re a writer, editor, publisher, whatever, to complain about someone not only shilling for the profession, but doing it effectively. She sold books. She probably got some people to read who wouldn’t have read before. And once you get  people to buy one book, and enjoy it, you probably have someone who will buy a second book. Oprah can go ahead and push whatever book she wants.

And the Guardian has a short piece about lit mags. It’s quick, but not earth shattering. If you have a free minute or two, you could probably scan through it.


Alright, that’s what I have right now. first group of links in a long while, but just haven’t found much that I think have been overly interesting.


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