Book Links 2/10/13

From time to time I gripe about the length of some books. I enjoy reading, I would say I love reading, but there are also times where I wonder where the hell editors have gone to help reign in authors and tighten books up  a bit. Galleycat has a nice little article up with a graph showing how a handful of fantasy series have grown and shrunk over their lifespans.  I have a hard time wanting to invest myself in a series of books if the shortest comes in around 700 pages.

Here’s a couple of articles about Amazon. The Seattle Times has an article up about Amazon’s inability to gain much market penetration in China, despite massive investments. At the same time, Wired’s Marcus Wohlsen has an article about Amazon and their possible foray into used ebooks. Given that one possibility of Amazon diving into the second hand business is to further weaken publishing houses  and push a larger market share back to their own servers, I don’t really mind seeing them have a tough time in China. There really isn’t anything new to say about Amazon and the publishing industry with either of these articles. The responsibility for saving their rears still rests largely with the publishing houses themselves, and the only way we readers can really help is by not shopping through Amazon – something the majority of people seem wholly unwilling to do if  it saves them a buck fifty. So it is what it is.

What author had the largest fingerprint on 19th century literature? Apparently, it was Jane Austen.   #2? Looks to be Sir Walter Scott. Not much more to the article.

Alright, that’s what I have for now.


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