Steambox – who asked for this?

the Valve Steam Box appears to be getting closer to being unleashed upon the world. A little back ground.  For anyone who doesn’t know, isn’t in the scene or whatever, there is a PC gaming service called Steam. You buy games from their website, and download/play them with their software.  It’s hugely popular for probably one reason: they sell games dirt cheap. The only problem, if you can call it that, is that they are PC games. To bridge this gap they are now bringing out Steam Boxes, an attempt to bridge PC gaming and console gaming. You’re supposed to be able to easily hook this thing up to your television, and build your gaming library with Steam.

Here’s my problem: why?  If you have a computer that can handle steam, you probably have a computer that can be hooked up to your television. so, just hook it up to your television. There are plenty of videos on youtube to show you how to do it.  Want a controller for it? Buy one. Amazon has a bunch of them. In a couple of days, it can be at your door. No problem.

Now, maybe you don’t have a computer that can use Steam or be hooked up to your television. Maybe it makes sense to just buy a steam box to open up access to computer games. Except from the article above it says the cheapest steambox looks to be $500. That’s not cheap to me. If you’re throwing $500 down to play computer games…why not put that  $500 towards an actual computer that  can do more than just game?

So who asked for this? A moderately expensive neutered gaming system that will be largely redundant with  your other computer sitting in your living room.  Maybe this is something necessary for Steam to grow, but I just don’t see the need for it. I don’t understand the hype for it, or any of the want, when the majority of its purpose can already be filled by oher machines you’re likely to already have in your house.


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