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Pew has a new poll out about e-readers. Most people still read actual printed books. About 28% of people have read an e-book.  They also say that half of America owns a tablet or e-reader.  I’m not entirely sure what you’re supposed to take from that. Tablets can be used for so much more than reading, that part of me has serious doubts that anyone gets a tablet for reading a novel on. You get it for movies, for skyping, for screwing around the on the interwebs. If you get something like the Surface with a keyboard, you can even be productive with one of the things.

50 Novels to make you a better person. So, if you’re not a good person, I guess this is for you. I’m not sure if they’ll actually make you better or not. If you take the time to read all 50 of these things, you’re just not going to be intereacting with other people as much. So there’s that. 50 books to cripple your social life.

I don’t know why, but as I get older I have started to care more and more about history.  Maybe it’s an appreciation for our race’s progress. Maybe it’s an existentialist grab to replace belief in divinity. Maybe I’m just becoming a bigger and bigger bore. I don’t know. But I do know that  The British National Archives is digitizing the diaries of a bunch of British soldiers from World War I. So, if you’re a bit into history, or war, or reading the secret thoughts of men you don’t know, check it out. Might be interesting.


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