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Award winning author? Welcome to the poor house.

Can book reviews hurt a book? Well, yeah. That’s part of the reason you will read few overly negative reviews on this blog – I don’t feel a need to help bury someone who is trying to make a living.  I bend that rule to greater degrees for increasingly famous authors, though.

Publishers need to learn from Amazon. Long story short, publishers need to get their act together and step into the new century. They’re already fourteen years late.


Alright, a couple of these have been sitting on the stove for a bit too long, hoping for the water to boil and something a bit more to come out about them. It’s not happening. Lately, I’ve been in a bit of a haze. Not sleeping well, kid’s been a handful at school, getting stuff around for the house, taxes, etc. Life. The whole thing is just wearing me down a bit. anyway. Try to pick up the slack this week.

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