I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

So, I have messed up my back.  Gutting a room, trying to get it ready for a baby in October (should be plenty of time, yeah) and I ran into someone’s crazy idea of an alternative to lath. It’s a weird tongue and groove system with boards  grooved to accept the plaster. The boards are thick, about an inch, and nailed in with 10d nails, which are long, thick, and a thorough pain in the ass. After a few hours of beating, levering, pulling, and cranking on the things, I have about 2/3 of a wall left to be done with the room, and a back that is screaming. Fun.

Working on the house has really left me a bit defeated lately. Aside from my normal pessimism, it’s hard to see a point to it at times. It’ll be nice when it’s done. I hope. Might just be nice to be done.


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