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The Good Old Days

May 28, 2015

So, apparently Bill O’Reilly offered up his opinion that half of America is too lazy to “learn about the issues,” and that we just need a good ol’ disaster to get everyone thinking correctly again, you know, the way they used to. Because America is going down the drain. Or maybe half of America knows the violent crime rates and property rates are among the lowest they’ve been since we’ve started keeping track of them, to level that would rival the idyllic (at least in our collective memories) 1950s. Teen pregnancy rates are falling. The unemployment rate is low. Health insurance has become attainable for nearly everyone. Society has become more accepting of homosexuals, minorities, and Cajun food.

But this is apparently not the direction America should be heading in. We need more violent crime, more property crime, more knocked up teenagers, a higher unemployment rate, less acceptance of those who are different, and to live in fear and reactionary horror of the next “disaster.”  I’m not sure if O’Reilly is thinking of what America should be, or if he’d just came out of the latest Mad Max movie and was horribly confused.