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Trying To Get Back On The Horse

August 13, 2015

Lately I’ve been trying to write again. I know the blog doesn’t show it, but I have not been able to find something to write here until now. And why this? I don’t know. Maybe it just has to be where I start. A clean demarcation between the stuff that is already here and the stuff that will (hopefully) come. As for writing elsewhere…it has been hard. There are times the words come, times they don’t. Today they didn’t. I got three lines, if I’m generous with the spacing. And it is all handwritten, so I’m being very generous with the spacing. Put it up on this screen in ten point times new roman and, shit, I have a line and a half? Maybe?

But it’s a line and a half that wasn’t there yesterday. And that’s something. That’s new. That is something that was not in existence before, that was literally pulled from the ether and put into reality.

Now I have to add to it. By hand. Not on the computer where I might be able to rattle this stuff out a little quicker if it would let me. It’s not. I’ve tried. I have stared at the white abyss, the flashing cursor, all of the little buttons and options that line the top of the screen for formatting the thing every which way from Sunday. I’ve stared at it. then I’ve listened to Pandora. I’ve watched some youtube. I’ve screwed around with my netflix account. Then one of the kid’s wants to know if he can play video games, then the baby is screaming and wanting fed, attention, play time. Then I have to mow the lawn and those minutes I had for writing are gone, disappeared into the same ether that before I had birthed three lines of a short story.

the horse has bucked a bit. I’m still landing on my ass more than staying in the saddle. I keep climbing back up, though. Or at least I have been for the past week or so. Maybe I’ll get four lines tomorrow. And another blog post. Maybe. Time to fix supper.