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I just don’t care about him

January 25, 2016

I guess I’m a Democrat. I’m definitely a liberal, but the recent infatuation with Bernie Sanders makes me question the former. every time I hear him speak, every time I see him, all I can think is that he’s the left’s version of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, or any of the other’s on the right who gladly say whatever crazy crap will most appeal to the base. Yeah, single payer health care would be great. Guess what, ain’t happening. I don’t care who you elect, it isn’t happening. Hate the rich. Yeah, rework the tax structure, try to make the whole economy thing is a bit more egalitarian and not weighted heavily towards those already riding high on it. Big ass economic change also isn’t going to happen.


Because there are two other houses of government and neither of them will let such an agenda go anywhere. Hell, when Obama first came into office the Democrats controlled both of those houses and they still couldn’t pass any of this pie in the sky thinking. And any basic common sense should tell you that it’s not going to happen now regardless of how enthusiastic someone promises it.

Except the base eats it up. The same base that has griped about Obama the past eight years because he was just too damn not left enough. Unlike Sanders, though, Obama was insanely effective.

So, Bernie offers this pie in the sky promises the left eats up, and then looks like a deer in headlights whenever foreign affairs are brought up.  One of, if not the, most important aspects of being a president and after serving in government since the Methuselah administration, he still doesn’t seem to have a decent talking point here. It’s brutal.

And if he goes up against one of the crazies on the right with such tepid lines, he’s going to get scorched because the crazies play really well when confronted with tepidness.

I’m not a huge fan of either of the democratic candidates, but to look at them and think that Hillary isn’t easily the most qualified is just dumb. But the base on the left is just as gullible as the base on the right, and the base is what seems to drive these elections.

I’m tired of winter

January 18, 2016

That is all.

Not Really Sleeping

January 16, 2016

Been trying to get started on the house again, but I don’t have much energy from the holidays yet. They are draining. They get more draining the older I get. It doesn’t help that we travel a couple of hours each way to see everyone. And that we came back to a sick cat that had to be segregated to a single room in the house, thereby displacing everything already in that room. Then the Little Girl got sick. Then I got sick. Then winter decided to actually show up and our heating system couldn’t/can’t keep up, especially with the lack of insulation the previous owners of our house decided was an innovative way of maintaining their home.

Yeah, I just can’t get going yet. The past couple of days have been a wonderful respite, warming up again a little bit. The house has actually gotten moderately warm. It’s crazy. It’s so much easier to feel alive when you’re not freezing.

It’s winter

January 14, 2016

And I’m tired of it. It’s finally gotten cold, the days are blah, and I’m in a really crappy mood. I don’t know if it’s  some sort of seasonal affective disorder or what, it might be,but I know I’m ready to move into something warmer and brighter.

Where is my mind?

January 8, 2016

Having one of those days where i can’t get going. Got the first decent night’s sleep in a week, little girl is slowly transitioning to not having sniffles, a runny nose, and a night ago weird hacking choking fits in the middle of the night, and the weather isn’t bitterly cold (it’s actually raining right now).

And I just can’t get going. I know what stuff I need to be doing,the stuff I could be working on, but the motivation to get there is severely lacking. I hate these days. Maybe I’ll make some coffee.

This is why you should play nice

January 7, 2016

So, John McCain decided to call-out Ted Cruz for being born in Canada.  I’ve seen a few places point to them having an ugly past, and I think that certainly played into McCain deciding to wade in and try throwing some gasoline on a guy to see if he’ll light. The thing is, I think McCain has a similar beef against the GOP as a whole.

After getting beaten by W in 2000, slugging through a brutal primary, McCain reinvented himself a bit as the Ultimate GOPer, taking party lines on many issues. When running for president again in 08, and being beaten by Obama, he was again looked at warily by the GOP base, but he wasn’t savaged as he had been in the past.

I have to wonder how many grudges McCain truly holds, and how he will decide to try to repay them. It wouldn’t surprise me if sliding a knife into Cruz’s side will only be a start, and that we’ll see him pop up every few weeks to put a hole in any random GOP candidate. He might even see some kinship in Trump, who just seems to go out and play by his own rules, something McCain was somewhat known as back in younger days.

For the record, I think questioning Cruz’s nationality is only slightly less ridiculous than questioning President Obama’s. He had an American mother, and from how I understand nationality, that makes the guy American. However, after 8 years of seeing crazy people rail about Obama being a foreign Muslim, I get a bit smirky over this.

I don’t care if doing the right thing puts you in a tough position

January 5, 2016

Politico has dropped the latest article (that I’ve seen anyway) where a politician bemoans how he can’t do the right thing because it makes him vulnerable politically. But it’s easier to sleep at night to continually do whatever is best for your re-election hopes. I know that there would be a number of people who would say this is a good reason for term limits on everyone, but how about we just ask our politicians to be more principled and willing to do what we vote for them to do, rather than what’s best for their careers.

I encounter a lot of apathy, if not outright disgust, towards politicians. No one seems to like them, and this is part of the problem. Politics shouldn’t be a career of surviving, but a career of leading and of governing. If you are elected to something, and you believe in something, you should follow that belief into every wall that’s erected. If you turn off the base that originally elected you, and they turn to some panderer, have faith in the system weeding them out in the long run and maybe sleep a little better at night.

Obama gets praise from me for at least taking action on something that it’s clear his political comrades are unwilling to do. If any politician is unhappy with these executive orders, than pass some laws. For or against, maybe it gets vetoed, maybe it doesn’t, at least you’re then doing your part of the job.