I don’t care if doing the right thing puts you in a tough position

Politico has dropped the latest article (that I’ve seen anyway) where a politician bemoans how he can’t do the right thing because it makes him vulnerable politically. But it’s easier to sleep at night to continually do whatever is best for your re-election hopes. I know that there would be a number of people who would say this is a good reason for term limits on everyone, but how about we just ask our politicians to be more principled and willing to do what we vote for them to do, rather than what’s best for their careers.

I encounter a lot of apathy, if not outright disgust, towards politicians. No one seems to like them, and this is part of the problem. Politics shouldn’t be a career of surviving, but a career of leading and of governing. If you are elected to something, and you believe in something, you should follow that belief into every wall that’s erected. If you turn off the base that originally elected you, and they turn to some panderer, have faith in the system weeding them out in the long run and maybe sleep a little better at night.

Obama gets praise from me for at least taking action on something that it’s clear his political comrades are unwilling to do. If any politician is unhappy with these executive orders, than pass some laws. For or against, maybe it gets vetoed, maybe it doesn’t, at least you’re then doing your part of the job.


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