This is why you should play nice

So, John McCain decided to call-out Ted Cruz for being born in Canada.  I’ve seen a few places point to them having an ugly past, and I think that certainly played into McCain deciding to wade in and try throwing some gasoline on a guy to see if he’ll light. The thing is, I think McCain has a similar beef against the GOP as a whole.

After getting beaten by W in 2000, slugging through a brutal primary, McCain reinvented himself a bit as the Ultimate GOPer, taking party lines on many issues. When running for president again in 08, and being beaten by Obama, he was again looked at warily by the GOP base, but he wasn’t savaged as he had been in the past.

I have to wonder how many grudges McCain truly holds, and how he will decide to try to repay them. It wouldn’t surprise me if sliding a knife into Cruz’s side will only be a start, and that we’ll see him pop up every few weeks to put a hole in any random GOP candidate. He might even see some kinship in Trump, who just seems to go out and play by his own rules, something McCain was somewhat known as back in younger days.

For the record, I think questioning Cruz’s nationality is only slightly less ridiculous than questioning President Obama’s. He had an American mother, and from how I understand nationality, that makes the guy American. However, after 8 years of seeing crazy people rail about Obama being a foreign Muslim, I get a bit smirky over this.


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