Not Really Sleeping

Been trying to get started on the house again, but I don’t have much energy from the holidays yet. They are draining. They get more draining the older I get. It doesn’t help that we travel a couple of hours each way to see everyone. And that we came back to a sick cat that had to be segregated to a single room in the house, thereby displacing everything already in that room. Then the Little Girl got sick. Then I got sick. Then winter decided to actually show up and our heating system couldn’t/can’t keep up, especially with the lack of insulation the previous owners of our house decided was an innovative way of maintaining their home.

Yeah, I just can’t get going yet. The past couple of days have been a wonderful respite, warming up again a little bit. The house has actually gotten moderately warm. It’s crazy. It’s so much easier to feel alive when you’re not freezing.


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