Hork: To Barf

It’s 1980s slang, though I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard it. For possibly the first time since I bought it, I’ve begun opening a dictionary of American slang. I pick a random page and just peruse it. Atop like five entries for different variants of horny, there is hork. I’ve kicked around the idea of trying to write a story working around each word, especially a great word like Hork.

What makes it a great word? I think it’s the ability to picture it without knowing the definition. If you hear someone use it in a sentence, regardless of what comes to mind, I’m not sure it’s really good.

Bob was up all night horking.

or how about

I violently horked all over the bowl after having some bad sushi.

There is always the off chance that you might make association with porking, and end up with either quite the image or quite the misunderstanding. I’m sort of feeling like horking myself today.

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