“I know what I saw”

I’m sure this is going to blow up in certain circles, a girl saying Finicum’s hands were up when the FBI gunned him down. Despite the fact that in that same link is video proof that Finicum, a person who has said he’d rather die than be arrested and who had been taking part in an anti-government demonstration that was making no secret of their gun love, not only didn’t keep his hands in the air, but repeatedly tried to reach into a pocket on his coat.

And so it will continue. People will claim they know what they saw, people will believe them, and nut jobs will weave conspiracy theories about the government wanting to take away all of their guns and to radically transition to some sort of socialist dictatorship. This is despite the fact that we have a video showing us what happened (hey, we faked the moon landing, too). And that eye witness testimony is being seen as increasingly unreliable (here’s one of many links you can find with a simple google search).

I know what I saw.

It’s common sense.

It’s a guy who hated the government, who was armed, who wouldn’t keep his hands up after lurching from his vehicle trying to evade a road block, and who was eventually shot because he wouldn’t just comply with the law. This was closer to suicide by cop than anything else, and maybe we should see this for what we see many incidents involving white men and guns – a reason for better mental health in the US.

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